How to use Famly

We use a system called Famly for the management of our provisions.

When you request to join us, we will create an account in Famly for you, and you will then receive an invite email from them, asking you to download the app, confirm your account and create a password.

For the After School Club Contracts, and the Kindergarten – We set up your regular sessions.

For After School Club ad-hoc, and the Holiday Club bookings – You go in and request the dates that you want. We then have to approve them at our end.

Click on the logo to the right, to get to the ‘Help Centre for Parents’ on the Famly website.

How do I book the Holiday Club?

We must have already created your account, and you must have installed the app, verified your account and set your password.


  1. On your phone . . .
  2. Go into the app
  3. Click on the icon at the bottom of the screen for the child that you want to make the booking for.
  4. Click on [More] in the menu
  5. Click [Bookings]
  6. Click [Add]
  7. Click [Select a date]
  8. Select the date that you want to book
  9. Press [Full Day (HC)], and it should highlight in Purple.
  10. Click [Next]
  11. Click [Add Booking] if you want to add more days, or
  12. Click [Request] to submit your request to us.
  13. We receive notification that you have requested a booking.
  14. We approve it if all the information is correct, and we have space available. NOTE – This is done manually, and it can be a couple of days before you get confirmation.
  15. You receive an email confirming that you booking has been approved.
  16. We then create an invoice, which gets emailed to you – Scroll down this page to the [How do I pay] section for more details.

But there is a flaw in the system – Please read on . . .

In step 8 in the process above, Famly will let you select any day of any week, regardless of whether the Holiday club is open or not. It will also allow you to continue through with your request, implying that it is OK for you to book that date.

(I have already suggested to the software developer that they need to change that).

Please ONLY BOOK DAYS THAT YOU KNOW WE ARE OPEN. We only take bookings for the days listed on the Holiday Club Page, so do not try booking days in future Holidays.

If we get bombarded with days that we aren’t open it just increases our admin sorting it out and rejecting requests for days that we are closed.

Important note – If your request includes days that we are not open; The whole request gets declined. You have been warned!

How do I pay?

Holiday Club – Once your booking has been confirmed by a member of the staff team, an invoice will be created and emailed to you. Once you receive your invoice by email, you can click on the link in the invoice, or log in to the app.

After School Club and Kindergarten invoices are processed on about the 20th of the month, for the following month. Payment is due by the 1st of the month they relate to.

To pay by card

Either, Click on the link in the invoice, or log in to Famly and select ‘Pay my balance.

For full instructions, click on the green button below.

To pay by Vouchers

  1. Refer to the Childcare Vouchers page of our website for the correct code.
  2. Make payment to us, through your chosen voucher method.
  3. Click on the link near the end of your invoice, to log the voucher payment.
  4. We will tick your invoice off as paid, once we see the voucher payment come through. Logging it, as requested, lets us know to look out for it.

For more info on how to pay, please visit the ‘Parents Help’ area of the Famly Website, by clicking the button below.

How do I pay with Vouchers

Invoices need to be paid by the due date regardless of whether paid by card or voucher. On the invoice there is a link to a google sheet.

  • Open your invoice
  • Pay the full amount by your chosen voucher ……………………. Click here for our Vouchers Page
  • To let us know that you have paid by voucher , Click on the button below to go to the reporting sheet, fill in the details and submit it.
  • We will cross reference your google sheet entry to the voucher company, and as soon as the payment is visible to us we will mark your invoice as paid.
  • There are a couple of days grace, to allow the voucher company to process your request.
  • Invoices not paid will be cancelled, and the spaces will be made available to others.